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Reach Your Goals

Whether you're training for an ironman, hoping to drop time in the 50 freestyle or just trying to stay in shape, our workouts help you reach your goals, guaranteed.

High Quality Workouts

Every workout is personally reviewed by our expert team of swimmers and coaches. We stay current on all the latest skills, drills and training tips to help you get the most from your workout.

Swim Smarter

Every drill and tutorial provides clear, thorough explanations about what you should be doing, how it will feel and how it'll help your performance.

Two Week Free Trial

Everyone gets two weeks for free to try it out. During your first two weeks, you'll receive:

  • A new workout every week
  • Written technique tutorials
  • Written explanations for all drills

At the end of two weeks, you'll have the option to continue receiving workouts.

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Customized Workouts

When you sign up, we'll ask you a few simple questions to figure out your goals and your current level of ability.

We use your answers to generate a series of workouts that are then reviewed by our coaches and swimmers.

If a workout is too fast, let us know and we'll dial the next one back a bit. If it's too slow, we'll make the necessary changes to keep pushing your swimming abilities forward.

Every other week, we'll do a timed test set so you can record your progress and measure yourself getting better.